Apron and Garment Care

You Want your aprons looking great, and so do we!

We’ve put together a few tips to keep your garments and branding looking great.


All aprons and most garments have care labels sewn into them which should be always followed.
As a general rule, everything will fade eventually, particularly 100% cotton items or items with a high cotton content, this is why many aprons have a polyester component. There are steps you can take to try and slow this process:

• Heat is the enemy, it breaks down fibres and loosens the dyes hold. Try and Cold wash and avoid the dryer where possible.
• Where practical dry out of direct sunlight, with apparel you can dry inside out.
• There is some evidence that a small amount of vinegar can help during the rinse cycle.
• Always wash with similar colours.
• Use coloured or dark detergents.


Embroidery is the hardiest of Branding methods. We generally use a polyester thread which is great at retaining colour, however like the garments themselves will eventually fade.

• Cold water washing is best.
• Minimising garment shrinking will avoid puckering around the embroidery, so read garment care labels.
• Try avoid ironing embroidered area.


Screenprint is particularly prone to damage when hot water washed. Hot washes will soften the print and if washed with harsh items can result in the print being damaged. Repeated softening and subsequent hardening of print will make it brittle over time. Avoid dryers.

Some commercial washing machines and dryers can actually strip the print off entirely. Watch your temperature.

• Cold water wash.
• Hang Dry inside out to avoid fading.
• Never iron over print.


Digital Transfers are a commercial version of the home craft transfers, whilst they are a much better substrate and the print is extremely colourfast they do share some of the same weaknesses as the home version. They can, with proper care, outlast your garments, however like Screenprint they are very heat sensitive.

• Cold water wash.
• Hang Dry inside out to avoid fading.
• Never iron over transfers.

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