What Apron should I use?

Celebrate Apron Colours
Celebrate Apron Colours


With so many choices it can be hard to tell exactly what you need.
There are several features which will make your decision a little easier:


Standard Polycotton Aprons are available in the most colours, followed by the Cotton Canvas Cross Back Aprons. Polyester is superior to cotton for colour fastness so if you require bright coloured aprons you would be hard pressed to go past the Standard Bib apron.


Polycotton is the better choice for vibrant longer lasting colours, however there are many situations where a natural material is preferred or the client simply has a preference for cotton, which is also safer when exposure to naked flames is a possibility.

If Cotton is preferred and you need a specific colour you should check out the Canvas Crossback Aprons, or Denim Cross Back version or even the lovely Freeset Aprons. If you are after a black or white then we have basic cotton aprons available.


While Waist vs Bib is fairly clear cut there are a few other aspects that might be a decider.

Standard Aprons: The are the bread and butter of the branded apron industry, these have an adjustable neck strap (with slider on the Polycotton version) and waist straps.

Cross Back Aprons: These Bib Aprons are available in Freeset (Organic Fairtrade heavy canvas Cotton) with fixed straps and also in the Canvas and Denim Cross Back options with Detachable and Mix and Match Straps, the Urban Apron rounds out this selection in a very fine polycotton finish.

Cross back aprons feel better on the shoulders but can be a hassle to put on, the detachable options can also be great for washing as the straps can be removed which avoids tangling.

Waist Aprons: These are available in the same Polycotton and Basic Cotton as above, they are however limited in colours and typically only available in Black and White, there are two sizes in the Standard Polycotton. The Urban waist apron has mix and match detachable straps.

Ethical Choice:

There really is only one clear option in the Aprons Direct range that meets this criteria and that is the Freeset Apron, they have a fantastic mission and story and the Aprons are heavy organic cotton canvas with crossback straps. Not only are they Fairtrade and organic, they also look great. They are only in limited colours and stock often runs out.

All of these aprons brand well, whether you want Screenprinted Aprons or embroidery all of the options above are great for branding.

Standard Bib Aprons

Urban Bib Cross Back Aprons


Freeset Fairtrade Cross Back Aprons